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Watergate Legend Carl Bernstein Just Revealed The Historic Danger We Face Under Trump

Watergate Legend Carl Bernstein Just Revealed The Historic Danger We Face Under Trump

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Carl Bernstein, the legendary journalist whose investigative reporting broke the Watergate scandal, said on Sunday (video below) that Richard Nixon’s lies were nothing compared to Donald Trump’s. In a scathing monologue on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Bernstein said that “Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment,” adding that “No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact and disdains fact in the way this president-elect does.”

His comments came after CNN’s Brian Stelter brought up Trump’s frequent tweets denouncing news coverage of himself. Indeed Bernstein argued that Trump’s pathological lying “has something to do with the growing sense of authoritarianism he and his presidency are projecting,” with Trump “trying to make the conduct of the press the issue, not his own conduct.” In demonstrating Trump’s total alienation from reality and constant resort to “emotional arguments,” Bernstein mentioned the president-elect’s response to Chuck Jones, the Indiana union leader who criticized Trump’s bogus “deal” with Carrier. Instead of responding rationally, Trump attacked Jones on Twitter and encouraged his followers to target him, leading to death threats against Jones and his family.

Sure enough, most of what comes out of Trump’s mouth is false, and as he wields more and more power his schizophrenic megalomania and delusion become more and more dangerous. Bernstein is spot on in saying that “what we have seen throughout the campaign is a pathological disdain for the truth, a kind of lying, and ease with lying, that we have not seen before.” Having such a man holding the most powerful office in the world should be truly frightening to all Americans and indeed all people worldwide. As Trump breaks his campaign promises by stacking his cabinet with billionaire CEOs and continues to deny the facts of Russian government support for his campaign, the American people and the Electoral College need to rise to the occasion and keep this dangerously deluded man out of the Oval Office.

Watch his comments below:


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