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FOX Just Called Out Trump For His “Pay For Play” Hypocrisy To His Face

FOX Just Called Out Trump For His “Pay For Play” Hypocrisy To His Face

It is a well-known fact that Fox News it the official propaganda network of the Republican Party. Therefore it was curious to see Fox’s most renowned host Chris Wallace, who moderated a presidential debate, put the proverbial screws to President-elect Donald Trump on his various business conflicts of interest.

Wallace forcefully called out Trump’s rhetoric, hypocrisy, and inconsistencies from the campaign trail. Wallace said Trump “Hammered Hillary Clinton over the Clinton Foundation and pay to play!”

Trump tried desperately to defend himself, claiming that the circumstances are different because Clinton “takes massive amounts of money from foreign countries.” Clearly Trump was hoping the public would forget that he had already struck several deals with foreign governments to put cash in his pockets — including a bargain made with the Argentinian president to help push through progress of a Trump hotel which had long been stifled through a permitting process.

Wallace continued, pressing him on his blatant hypocrisy while the president elect tried in vain to deflect the onslaught,

The President-elect continued to defend himself by saying he had already turned “down billions of dollars in deals.” Of course, Trump did not give any specifics on the deals he turned down to allow the public to corroborate his story.

Another issue at hand is that Trump’s children are going to run his business enterprise for him, while Trump vows to remain out of the day to day comings and goings. This seems like an impossibility for Trump who does not have the willpower to not respond to random Twitter arguments, let alone the willpower to not micromanage a business he has been at the helm of for over 40 years. Wallace, however, was not buying Trump’s pitch and asked him, “Isn’t that a huge conflict of interest, sir?”

Trump look visibly flustered, denying the conflict of interest by saying the public was aware he was a businessman during the election, but he went on to say that he “doesn’t care” about his business any longer and that he is only focused on doing a “great job” as president. If Trump no longer cares about his business, he should have turned his business over to a blind trust which could have run the business for him while not allowing Trump or any member of his family to have any knowledge of the business.

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As he has already proved himself to be unpredictable, it is impossible to know how Trump will behave as president. It does seem reasonable to suggest now that Fox News is having buyer’s remorse, which is similar to CNN whose president, Jeff Zucker, said it was a mistake to give Trump wall-to-wall coverage. Unfortunately for Fox, CNN, and the rest of the world it is too late to turn back now. In a few short weeks Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States and that is a nightmare of which none of us can wake up from.

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