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Officials: Hillary Campaign Suffered Massive Russian Cyberattack Days Before Election

Officials: Hillary Campaign Suffered Massive Russian Cyberattack Days Before Election

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Fueling the firestorm of controversy surrounding the election results amid confirmed interference by Russian Federation agents are new reports that indicate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s camp was hit with a wave of Russian-linked cyberattacks just days before the election.

Campaign and committee officials were barraged with “phishing” emails designed to trick a user into handing over their username and login information. Previously, campaign chairman John Podesta had fallen for one, leading to hackers accessing his email accounts and internet losing its mind at the #PodestaEmails conspiracy theories like “spirit cooking” (Podesta’s demonic blood, semen, and breast milk feasts) and “PizzaGate” (Podesta’s secret child sex slave ring hidden in a DC pizza parlor).

“They were targeting us throughout the election. They never stopped trying to get back in” said a senior Clinton camp official.

CrowdStrike, the tech security company hired by the DNC to protect their servers after the first wave of hacks, is confident in their assessment of the perpetrators. “At this point, the matter of attribution on the intrusions has been settled. There is nobody that looks at the evidence who disputes this” said chief technology officer Dmitri Alperovitch.

Alperovitch explains that they know the attackers were Russian because “much of the evidence revolves around sophisticated tools used by the attackers on the DNC and forensic evidence showing strong similarities to Russian cyberattacks that have occurred in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries — as well as to intrusions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House and the State Department and other U.S. government agencies.”

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Trump, for his part, has tried to downplay the allegations with his usual bluster and lies.

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Actually, it’s apparently not that hard to determine who was doing the hacking, and it was brought up before the election many, many times.

Several members of the electoral college have demanded to receive an intelligence briefing on the issue before they officially cast their vote for the presidency. It’s clear at this point that a foreign power has interfered in our election and perpetrated a massive propaganda and disinformation campaign in order to elect Donald Trump, and that should certainly be enough to disqualify the racist real estate mogul from the White House at the very least.

We  can talk about espionage and treason charges when the Senate investigation is complete.

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