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Trump Forgot To Delete This Tweet Criticizing Obama For Skipping Intel Briefings

Trump Forgot To Delete This Tweet Criticizing Obama For Skipping Intel Briefings

Donald Trump, our potential president-elect, has had a hard time making it to his intelligence briefings. He’s been keeping himself busy holding “victory” rallies, schmoozing with billionaires before appointing them to high-level cabinet positions, and turning decades of American foreign policy on its head with inappropriately casual phone calls.

In the meantime, Trump has been studiously avoiding his intelligence briefings. While his vice-president Mike Pence has been attending his briefings, Trump has been dismissive of the advice proffered by the haters and losers in the State Department because he is “a smart person who doesn’t have to be told the same thing in the same words” every day.

While it’s obvious to everyone that his narcissistic words couldn’t be further from the truth, they also highlight yet another glaring hypocrisy in the voluminous annals of Trump hypocrisies. Trump once criticized President Obama for “not attending” his intelligence briefings – which our President certainly did.

While Mr. Thiessen may have been given a platform to distort the truth by the Washington Post, the respected newspaper’s own fact-checkers investigated the claims and “awarded it ‘Three Pinocchios’ — meaning that it contained significant factual errors and/or obvious contradictions.”

The idea that an ignoramus like Donald Trump would dare to insult the intelligence and the work ethic of a devoted public servant like President Obama is laughable at best. For him to have done so while ignoring his own intelligence briefings en route to making three major diplomatic faux pas in one week is not only the height of hypocrisy but a scathing condemnation of his own intellectual abilities.

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The weight of President Obama’s decisions weigh heavily upon him every day; one only needs to look in his face to see the quiet anguish that has wrought deep into his conscience for the choices he’s had to make. Trump has made a mockery of the office he has been ostensibly elected to hold, and it lies upon our Electoral College to fulfill their purpose and save America from the volatile whims of a megalomaniac narcissist.



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