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Furious Veterans Just Responded To Trump’s Meeting With Kanye

Furious Veterans Just Responded To Trump’s Meeting With Kanye

While the mainstream media obsesses over Donald Trump and his meeting with rapper Kanye West, America’s veterans are furious at Trump’s continuous refusal to attend his daily intelligence briefings, instead choosing to waste his time meeting with billionaires and celebrities.

VoteVets, one of the nation’s largest veterans’ groups, issued a scathing statement condemning the potential president-elect for failing to take his job seriously and for refusing to meet with the veterans’ groups Trump professed to love so dearly on the campaign trail.

“Donald Trump believes it is more important to meet with Kanye West, than receive security briefings.  Our troops deserve better than that from a Commander in Chief. This is not funny, it is not OK. We urge American media to not treat it as such.”

PJ Rieckhoff, the CEO and founder of Iraq and Afganistan Vets of America (IAVA) shared similar sentiments in an angry tweet:

It’s pretty clear at this point that the Kanye West meeting was a smokescreen to distract from Trump’s refusal to divest from his businesses, his refusal to attend intelligence briefings, and the controversy surrounding the Russian interference in the election – and the media’s fallen for it hook, line and sinker, as per VOX:

  Seven media organizations were given the opportunity to ask questions on a routine call Tuesday morning, and none asked about Trump’s announcement. Instead, a CNN reporter requested more details on Trump’s meeting with rapper and clothing designer Kanye West.

Donald Trump has already proven himself to be a clear and present danger to our national security, as shown by his casual phone call of support to a nation that hid Osama bin Laden from us for six years and his cowardly, passive-aggressive provocation of the People’s Republic of China and flirtation with their Taiwan. He’s further infuriated our veterans by considering former Alaska governor and Tea Party matriarch Sarah Palin to run the Veterans’ Affairs department – a mind-boggling candidate, since she is neither a veteran nor a doctor.

Time and time again, Trump has shown neither the character nor any interest in actually governing this nation, keeping us safe from enemies abroad, or caring for our veterans once they return home. Our veterans are rightfully furious, as the rest of the nation should be, at his unrepentant incompetence and disregard for the sacred duties of the American presidency. It’s up to us to convince the electoral college to fulfill their purpose and prevent this racist demagogue from actually becoming the President of the United States.

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