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This New Site Lets You Contact Electoral College Members Before They Vote Trump

This New Site Lets You Contact Electoral College Members Before They Vote Trump

As the Electoral College’s December 19th vote nears and revelations of Russian interference in the election convince an increasing number of people that Trump ought to be disqualified from the presidency, one man is fighting back by organizing a massive letter writing campaign to convince Electoral College electors not to vote for Trump.

Jeff Strabone, a Connecticut College professor and neighborhood activist in Brooklyn, created the site to help people send their own signed postal letters to electors from states won by Donald Trump. Strabone focuses on sending actual letters because he believes that “a single good old-fashioned voter-to-voter letter is probably worth a thousand emails.” On the website you can download customizable letters from Microsoft Word and labels with the addresses of any electors you want. You then simply mail the letters to the electors.

Strabone spent weeks gathering the contact information for all 306 red state electors, and his project is a powerful call to action to all of us who view Trump as an existential threat to American democracy. “How realistic is it that we can politely convince enough electors to abandon Trump (and choose the popular-vote winner Hillary Clinton instead),” Strabone asks on website.  “Admittedly, the chances are slim, but this is our only shot! Nothing else at this point, other than swaying the electors, can stop Trump from becoming president. Let’s not throw away our shot!”

The site has already attracted considerable media attention and facilitated thousands of letters to electors. And while the goal of convincing 37 electors to change their votes on December 19th may seem far-fetched, there is already a significant movement to stop Trump and this represent our last best chance to keep him from the White House. At least one Electoral College member, Christopher Suprun of Texas, has already decided to vote against Trump, a decision he outlined in a New York Times op-ed that argued the Donald is unfit for the presidency. Another Texas elector, Art Sisneros, resigned rather than be forced to vote for Trump, and a California law firm, Durie Tangri LLP, has partnered with Harvard Law School professors to offer pro bono legal assistance to any electors who break their pledged vote. Visit Strabone’s site below and do your part to stop Trump today!

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