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A Top Putin Adviser Just Admitted Russia Orchestrated The DNC Hack

A Top Putin Adviser Just Admitted Russia Orchestrated The DNC Hack

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In case there was any doubt over whether or not agents of the Russian Federation interfered in America’s elections on behalf of Donald Trump, we have the proof straight from the horse’s mouth.

A politician of the Russia Public House (the duma), Sergey Markov, is so confident that the Republicans won’t do anything about the hacks that he freely gloated to the Daily Beast about Russia’s involvement in the election:

“We cannot exclude the fact that some patriots in the government, or in the intelligence and in non-governmental circles, could help Wikileaks pin down the U.S. criminals [in the Obama administration] so Hillary [Clinton] gets defeated.”  Markov said that he wrote “recommendation notes” on this issue to President Putin, which he passed to the country’s leader via Kremlin channels.

Markov also disparaged the CIA’s report, citing the official propaganda that now even Donald Trump is parroting. “Nobody, and first of all President Trump, should believe what the CIA tells him. The CIA are a bunch of bandits supporting terrorists in Syria and Ukraine.”

While the CIA may get up its fair share of appalling behavior with disappointing frequency, there’s no denying that they are dedicated to the defense of the American people and the advancement of American interests. For our president-elect to be openly repeating Russian state propaganda should be ringing alarm bells from Langley to the Pentagon; this gleeful admission by a Putinist is just more confirmation that our election was interfered with by a hostile foreign power and that the traitors in the Republican Party are prepared to look the other way so they can pillage what little remains of the middle class and implement the agendas laid out for them by their oligarchal overlords.

h/t to Anna Nemtsova of the Daily Beast 

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