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Trump Just Banned Twitter From His Tech Meetings For The Pettiest Reason Ever

Trump Just Banned Twitter From His Tech Meetings For The Pettiest Reason Ever

Just to emphasize, for the thousandth time, just how temperamentally unfit Donald Trump is to be the president, new reports indicate that Trump refused to invite Twitter to a tech-round table because they refused to allow an emoji for the #crookedHillary hashtag.

You read that correctly. Donald Trump refused to invite an $18 billion technology company, a company which happens to run his social media platform of choice, to a meeting of technological giants, because they refused to allow him to perpetuate a misogynistic and unfounded smear campaign against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Trump campaign offered $5 million to Twitter for the social media company to create emojis of sacks of money being exchanged, to represent Hillary Clinton’s apparent behind the scenes corruption:


In a post on Medium, Trump’s director of digital advertising complained that Twitter refused, saying “we couldn’t accuse someone of committing a crime they did not commit or were not under investigation for. (Seriously, they said this.)” This refusal, of course, was taken as yet more evidence of a larger conspiracy to tamper the “message” of the Trump movement rather than a legitimate decision by a private company to not engage in reckless partisan politics.

But Trump shut them out of his meeting to send a message – that he is a thin-skinned narcissist who will challenge any slight, no matter how petty. It is not the temperament that one would require of the President of the United States.


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