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Trump Attacked Vanity Fair. This Reporter’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Attacked Vanity Fair. This Reporter’s Response Is Perfect

The President-elect’s horrendous Trump Grill eatery received one of the worst reviews imaginable by Vanity Fair magazine today, but his vicious response on Twitter towards the magazine was actually most revealing for what Trump failed to say about today’s news revealing that Vladimir Putin virtually turned Russia into a Trump Super PAC to help the Republican Party in this year’s elections. The delicious irony didn’t escape this New Yorker Magazine columnist:

Yep! As a matter of national security, Donald Trump plainly is more concerned about the poorly poured cocktails at the grill in the lobby of the Tower he’s called home for decades, then definitive reports by America’s intelligence community that Vladimir Putin personally commanded a cyber-army to attack this year’s elections.

After all, Vanity Fair’s editor Graydon Carter – who the Narcissist in Chief personally disparaged on Twitter – is THE man responsible for nicknaming Donald Trump the “short-fingered vulgarian.” Naturally, when Carter’s magazine panned the fatty steaks and burnt up burgers at the Trump Grill aimed at skimming tourists – (“Perhaps Trump’s veneer of a steakhouse is too obviously a veneer, meant for the hoodied masses to visit once and never return.”) – The Donald went on the twitter warpath.

The reality is that Russia didn’t just hack into email aimed at hurting Hillary Clinton’s campaign as the Democratic nominee. New evidence shows that a Paul Ryan SuperPAC gladly produced numerous television ads featuring emails hacked from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee too.

Shamefully, Trump used his Twitter account to blame President Obama for doing his job responsibly and refusing to politicize national security intelligence during the election. In contrast, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell bullshitted the country by claiming he didn’t believe American intelligence showing Russian fingerprints on the hacks helping his party because it was too “partisan,” then happily watched his wife land a surprise Cabinet role.

America’s national security agencies are in complete agreement – outside of Trumplandia, the agency formerly known as the FBI – that Russian hackers attacked our country’s democracy and used the media to devastate Democrats while they followed all of the rules and suffered for remaining upstanding citizens.

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Justice hasn’t been done yet, but the electoral college needs to make a conscientious decision to dump Trump next Monday for enjoying the forbidden fruit of foreign influence during his Presidential campaign, and even after Putin’s hand has been revealed, pretending like all is normal as calls mount for a formal investigation from Senators in both parties.

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