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A FOX News Investigation Just Found Russia DID Hack The Election

A FOX News Investigation Just Found Russia DID Hack The Election

In a surprising twist, even the senior intelligence reporter at Fox News finally confirmed (video below) factual reports that Russia just hacked into the DNC’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman’s email systems in an effort to help Donald Trump win this year’s election. Fox’s Catherine Herridge said she finally had “independently confirmed that Russian-backed cyber militias” did the damage and Putin pulled the trigger.

Herridge’s report means that even the originators of “hyperpartisan” news who support Republicans with factless theories and advisors to the Trump campaign admit that Donald Trump benefitted from Putin’s hacker army:

Fox News has independently confirmed that Russian-backed cyber militias were targeting US systems and influential US persons in the summer of 2015, and the operation evolved into an effort to interfere in the US election. These operations were sanctioned by the highest levels of the Russian government.

Media Matters reports that Fox News had previously been in deep denial about their party’s standard bearer riding a wave of Russian assistance:

Fox News repeatedly attempted to cast doubt on the reports by calling the agencies political. Fox host Sean Hannity derided the CIA’s conclusions as “politically motivated” “fake news,” and his colleague Tucker Carlson has repeatedly downplayed the possibility of Russia influencing the election and attacked anybody supporting the thesis. And Fox News contributor John Bolton even claimed that the “ridiculous” allegations of Russian interference could be a “false flag.”

Now, even Fox News admits it. Watch (starts at 25 second mark):

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