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Trump Made Up New Word “Unpresidented.” George Takei’s Reply Was PERFECT

Trump Made Up New Word “Unpresidented.” George Takei’s Reply Was PERFECT

Donald Trump wrote another early morning tweetstorm aimed at provoking Chinese leadership, but his blatant misspelling turned into the story when he called their actions “unpresidented.” It didn’t take long for the hashtag #unpresidented to leap to the top national trending topic on Twitter. China just responded to the incident as well, and it was a massive diplomatic slap in the face to Donald Trump.

Civil liberties advocate George Takei noticed instantly and called out Trump’s Freudian slip with the perfect reply, and, he saved the original tweet before the presumptive President-elect deleted his error.


Trump’s feeble attempts at diplomacy are dubious, because there’s only one President at a time, and he has not been chosen by the Electoral College yet and certainly hasn’t been sworn in either. In fact, his phone call to Taiwan’s President might have itself violated federal laws intended to keep private citizens from conducting foreign diplomacy.

Yesterday as the incident began, America’s government wasn’t sure if it was a low-level incident set off by the normal confusion of life, but now that Trump’s inflammatory statements continue, the Chinese have released the kind of passive-aggressive statement that is entirely normal in the context of international relations. China just now released a public statement saying that they seized the unmanned American scientific submarine to “maintain safety of navigation,” and that they’ll return the drone in a proper way and they are working through “military to military channels.”

The entire message condemns Trump’s inflammatory statements and chides them as an official American response.

America deserves not only a president who can spell big words but a president who considers what he says before speaking, works through proper channels, in a way consistent with policy and the government agencies that taxpayers through their legislators have chosen to build and pay for to conduct our country’s affairs.

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