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Obama Just Got The Drone Back From China. Trump’s Response Is Ridiculous

Obama Just Got The Drone Back From China. Trump’s Response Is Ridiculous

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In an “unpresidented” turn of events President-elect Donald Trump, who has spent the last year relentlessly spewing hostile rhetoric about China, has taken his first opportunity at a skirmish and retreated in complete defeat and disgrace. For his cowardice he was brutally mocked on Twitter.

On Dec. 15 the Chinese government seized an underwater drone owned by the United States government in the South China Sea. The drone was deployed by an oceanographic vessel with a purpose of conducting a lawful military survey.

Trump, in all of his brilliance, responded to China’s actions with a misspelled tweet. He meant to write ‘unprecedented’ but instead wrote “unpresidented.” Trump tweeted:


The world took notice of Trump’s stupidity and he deleted his error and posted a grammatically correct, while still ignorant, tweet:

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After there was a divergence of opinion between the governments of China and the United States eventually China agreed they would return the stolen drone. This action was their best option and ended a diplomatic standoff.

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In their never ending shamelessness Trump’s spokesperson, Jason Miller, gave credit to Trump for the drone’s return:


However, Trump gave an insight as to how he may deal with China in the future and was not pleased with the resolution after he was given credit for the resolution. This type of contortionist idiocy is a hallmark of Trumpism. He tweeted after the announcement the United States should not accept the drone back:


The denizens of Twitter were not amused with Trump’s waffling and began a much-deserved bout of ridicule. Some of their best can be viewed below:

Attempting to follow Trump’s logic is an exercise in futility as there is seemingly no rhyme or reason to why he does anything. If Trump didn’t have sole access to nuclear codes and the singular ability to obliterate the entire planet at his whim his behavior might be amusing, but it is not. It is, in actuality, frightening.

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