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An Elector Just Switched His Vote To Bernie Sanders

An Elector Just Switched His Vote To Bernie Sanders

One Maine elector isn’t holding his breath for a Hillary Clinton win in Monday’s Electoral College vote. Instead, David Bright is casting his vote for Bernie Sanders.

“I see no likelihood of 38 Republican electors defecting from their party and casting their ballots for Secretary Clinton,” Bright told The Hill. “Knowing this, I was left to find a positive statement I could make with my vote.”

While Democrats may be holding their breath for members of the electoral college to cast aside their Donald Trump votes, Bright is thwarting the Democratic nominee, who he said better represents voters in Maine.

“Their sense of loss in July became our Party’s loss in November,” he said. “So I cast my Electoral College vote for Bernie Sanders today to let those new voters who were inspired by him know that some of us did hear them, did listen to them, do respect them and understand their disappointment.”

While the New York Times reported Monday that one Republican elector plans to thumb Donald Trump, there is little hope that at least 37 others will join him in thwarting the unpopular, racist, nationalist Republican nominee.

The Electoral College, which technically gave Trump the presidency despite the fact that over 2 million more people chose Clinton as president, is the latest outside shot the nation has at stopping the bigoted billionaire from becoming president next month. Thousands of letters have flooded electors mailboxes and inboxes in the preceding weeks, and Daniel Brazenoff paid to take out a full-page letters in multiple newspapers asking Trump electors to reconsider their votes, and the nation’s future.

Electors are meeting, mostly in state capitals, to cast their official vote for president. This is the official deciding vote, although it is largely symbolic since electors pledge to support the candidate that their state chooses in the general election. Any news about the college will certainly be anticlimactic at best, however, given that the actual results of the official Electoral College vote won’t be counted until Jan. 6, and won’t made public until Jan. 9.

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At least Bernie Sanders momentum will measure a blip, however small, on the official historical tally of this election.


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