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A Congresswoman Just Filed A Bill To Ban Trump’s Kids From Running His Business

A Congresswoman Just Filed A Bill To Ban Trump’s Kids From Running His Business

The conflicts of interest surrounding President-elect Donald Trump and his various businesses are too numerous to list. Since Trump has refused to step away from his corporation, one congressional representative has taken the step to remove it for him. How nice of her.

Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-MA) introduced H.R.6340 called the “Presidential Accountability Act” that would force the president and vice president to place all of their financial assets into a blind trust. Clark’s bill would take Trump’s assets would be out of his slimy hands, and out of reach of his children’s as well.

Clark said in an official statement, “Every recent president in modern history has taken steps to ensure his financial interests do not conflict with the needs of the American people. The American people need to be able to trust that the President’s decisions are based on the best interests of families at home, and not the President’s financial interests.” Clark also stated, “The President of the United States has the power to affect how our tax dollars are spent, who the federal government does business with, and the integrity of America’s standing in a global economy.”

Other options are available to Trump under Clark’s bill. The president or vice president must “disclose to the Office of Government Ethics and the public when they make a decision that affects their personal finances.” If the bill passes, Trump would essentially have two options: place his finances into a blind trust, or be legally required to make an announcement any time he conducts business. That seems like a set of fair options, when Trump doesn’t deserve fair treatment.

To put these matters in perspective, former President John Kennedy, who was wealthy when he came to power, placed all of his assets in a blind trust. President Richard Nixon liquidated his assets to avoid any calls of impropriety. President Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. Trump, on the other hand, has already used his position as president-elect to leverage business deals. Trump has left members of Congress who swore an oath to uphold the constitution no choice but to take direct action against him and his shameless effrontery of bringing fascism to the United States.

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