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Trump Fans Want Liberals To “Get Over It.’ George Takei’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Fans Want Liberals To “Get Over It.’ George Takei’s Response Is Perfect

Trump fans and smug Republicans around the country have been foaming at the mouth for a chance to tell liberals to just get over it and to lord their stolen election over the rest of us horrified Americans.

Primitive expressions of glee like this missive entitled “An Open Letter To All Of The Whiny Safe Space Liberals Crying Over Our ‘Racist’ And ‘Sexist’ Country” are flooding social media. Trump’s Nazi-loving trolls are harassing women and minorities online like never before.

Famed Star Trek actor and LGBT activist George Takei took to Twitter today to share a powerful message all sane and rational Americans who live in fear at what a narcissistic egomaniac like Donald Trump might do to this country.

Nor should we “get over it.” Conservatives have the least room to stand on when it comes to “getting over it” and accepting reality. Roe V. Wade has been the law of the land for decades, but hasn’t stopped Republicans from proposing over four hundred anti-choice bills year. The Affordable Care Act is also a reality, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans in Congress from trying to repeal it over sixty times, at a huge cost to the taxpayer.

Republican politicians and conservatives have howled and moaned non-stop about President Obama from the second he won the election, smearing him with conspiracy theories and inventing petty ideological differences to mask their racism.

So no, conservatives. We will not get over it. We will stand and fight and obstruct to the bitter end, because people’s lives and jobs are at stake here.

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