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Trump Vowed To Stop Them From Shipping Jobs To Mexico. They Just Did

Trump Vowed To Stop Them From Shipping Jobs To Mexico. They Just Did

President-elect Donald Trump enjoyed Indiana last month. He tweeted about Indiana. He visited Indiana. His vice president, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, negotiated tax breaks for big companies. At the end of it all Trump bragged to the public about saving over 1,000 jobs in Indiana (that was a lie).

Recently though, in the eminence of the upcoming holiday season, denizens of the Hoosier State (that’s Indiana) find themselves asking a familiar question: Hoosier? (That’s Indianese for “who’s there?”). Donald Trump, it seems, is not.

While the public discovered, in embarrassing fashion, that Trump’s braggadocios claims were overstated and heavily oversold, Trump seems to have lost interest in playing public relations hardball with outsourcing Indiana factory owners. Another factory nearby, operated by Rexnord Corporation, formalized its plans after the election to move 300 jobs to Mexico. Now its workers are hoping for a Christmas Miracle, per the Indianapolis Star, and perhaps an intervention from Mr. Trump.

Rexnord has made a healthy profit off of American-made industrial components — things like bearings, gear parts and conveyor belts — but bosses there seem captivated by the glare of dollar signs. The allure of greater short-term returns has filled their beaming eyeballs.

Trump took note, once.

But that was the last anyone in Indianapolis has heard out of him. United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones told the Star that he hasn’t heard from Trump since his maneuvering with the Carrier plant over Thanksgiving.

That leaves yet more working middle class Americans — folks who by and large supported Trump last month — out of a job, spending their holiday season anticipating a severance package with the company built on the sweat of their labor. That severance package will require them to train the workers who will take over for them, according to The Intercept, a practice Trump also promised to stop. Oh well.

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