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Trump’s Sons Just Began Selling Access To Their Dad For $1 Million

Trump’s Sons Just Began Selling Access To Their Dad For $1 Million

President-elect Donald Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr, are offering access to him at an asking price of a cool million dollars in yet another despicable display of impropriety. The two tweedle dees are pulling this scam under the guise of a nonprofit association named the “Opening Day Foundation.”

Described as “Opening Day 2017”, which will be held on the day after Trump’s inauguration at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in D.C., Trump’s sons are selling exclusive access for up to a million dollars a pop. Individuals who can’t afford a seven-figure donation can instead opt to donate as little as $25,000 instead. Included in the price of the packages a “private reception and photo opportunity for 16 guests with President Donald J. Trump”, and a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests” with both of Trump’s moronic offspring. One wonders why the Trump boys would put themselves in harm’s way, knowing individuals might pay the price just to have an opportunity to be around them whilst carrying a weapon in their very close proximity. The brochure to the event, which was originally published by the trash gossip rag TMZ, shows all of the potential offerings.

An analysis of the records needed to found a nonprofit showed the “Opening Day Foundation” was created on Dec. 14, so their integrity can surely be counted upon based upon years of public service.


The foundation has vowed to donate the “net proceeds” to “conservation” charities, but those charities have yet to be named. Pay attention to the term “net proceeds” as the Trump family has shown they will use their own businesses at these type of events, and then charge themselves outrageous amounts of money. The “net proceeds” may end up being far less due to this fact alone. Furthermore, the breakdown of how the money will be allocated has not been stipulated. This means the possibility exists for the Trump boy’s foundation to donate .00001% of the money to which they promised, and to keep the remaining 99.99999% for themselves.

The best part about this scenario for the donors is under the current law, which will not be changing anytime soon under a Republican dictatorship, the identities of the donors do not have to be disclosed because Opening Day Foundation is not a political action committee. Nonprofit organizations are under no legal requirements to disclose their donors. This presents a loophole for the ultra-rich to buy access to President-elect Trump and the public will have no way of knowing who they are.

Fascism will continue to rare its hideous face under the Trump regime, and Trump is despicably doing so unabashedly on the very first day he is in office.

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