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Climate Scientists Just Launched Anonymous Hotline To Report Trump Hostility

Climate Scientists Just Launched Anonymous Hotline To Report Trump Hostility

Climate change scientists are living in fear, thanks to Donald Trump’s intimidation tactics.

As a response to his anti-science administration, these scientists have created a hotline, controlled by The Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to report intimidation or tampering caused by Trump and his team. The hotline is specifically geared towards National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees, who have felt the brunt of Trump and his team’s backward and harmful views on climate change. This is an administration that will not only deny clear, proven science for their own financial gain, they have even gone so far as to threaten the very scientists who have devoted themselves to saving our planet.

The NOAA Director, Andrew Rosenberg, spoke to Bloomberg, telling the news outlet that the scientists are on high alert. “I am hearing a lot of worry,” he explained. “The worry is that they will be putting another ideologue in place.”

Thus far, Trump’s picks for his cabinet have been entirely mismatched to the organization they are expected to chair; Rick Perry, former Texas governor and a Republican has been placed in charge of the Department of Energy; he denies climate change exists and once vowed to eliminate the department entirely.

The future head of the Environmental Protection Agency—who should be protecting the environment—is Oklahoma attorney general and Republican, Scott Pruitt. According to Pruitt, climate change is not real. This denial benefits him—it is no secret that Pruitt has inside dealings with the fossil fuel industry. In fact, he has received upwards of $318,496 in campaign donations from these oil companies since 2002.

Of course, this is no surprise as Trump himself has tried to convince Americans that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese to hurt U.S. manufacturing.  He also commented as early as two weeks ago that “nobody really knows” if climate change exists.

This is not true–we know it is destroying the earth and these NOAA employees have more than proven as much. The Trump administration’s weird bullying has gone too far and they know it; the team sent out a questionnaire to the DOE, asking for the names and affiliations of all scientists who have attended a global climate change talk anytime over the last five years, as well as when the meetings took place and any emails from the meeting. Robert Weissman, president of the watchdog group Public Citizen, described the questionnaire saying, it “suggests the Trump administration plans a witch hunt for civil servants who’ve simply been doing their jobs.” 

Fortunately, Eben Burnham-Snyder, a spokesperson for the DOE denied this request. Knowing what they did was wrong, the Trump administration withdrew the request, claiming it had not been authorized.

This is a very dangerous predicament for all inhabitants of earth. The hostility of the Trump administration towards those who work for climate change has crossed the line many times by now. Scientists have gone so far as to create “guerilla” servers to keep Trump from erasing years of work, which he is totally capable of doing and would, so that he and his cronies get richer and richer off of oil at the expense of every living being on this planet. This is not a light matter—Trump is essentially trying to “burn the books,” taking knowledge away from the country’s citizens and keeping us in the dark. Trump will stop at nothing, including intimidating scientists in order to keep his pockets fat and keep us down, or worse.



Christine Branch
Christine is an avid supporter of progressive politics. She is currently getting her Masters degree after concentrating in Gender Studies as an undergrad.

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