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A Kentucky Woman Just Unleashed A Racist Tirade On Hispanic Family at JCPenny’s

A Kentucky Woman Just Unleashed A Racist Tirade On Hispanic Family at JCPenny’s

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Upset at the fact that a darker-skinned person brought a few more items to the cash register, a Kentucky woman reacted by unleashing perhaps the most comprehensive racist tirade the internet has seen in some time.

It’s not entirely clear what prompted the outburst. The unidentified woman, captured in a video posted on Renee Buckner’s Facebook account (BELOW), unloaded nearly 90 seconds of continuous racist diss material in front of a stunned silent crowd of shoppers at Jefferson Mall.

According to Buckner, the family was checking out when a woman came up to add a few more items to the checkout line. This prompted the curly black-haired woman’s outburst, which began when she told the family to wait in line “like everyone else.”

That might have been a slightly fair, maybe unfair statement depending on the specific circumstances. What happened next can only be described as excessive.

We’ll have to use bullet points to cover this. The following highlights are not a complete account: watch the video below for that:

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  • “Go back to wherever the fuck you come from lady.”
  • “I bet everyone here thinks the same way I do.”
  • “Tell them to go back to where they belong. If they come here to live then act like everybody else.”
  • “You’re a nobodies (SIC). Just because you come from another country doesn’t make you nobody.”
  • “You’re probably on welfare, the taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff.”
  • “Speak English, you’re in America.”

Apparently unsatisfied with the impression she made in the first minute of her tirade, curly added a cherry topper to the episode.

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“I’m sorry I’m that way, but you all need to realize you’re not the only ones around here.”

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She’s not entirely wrong in that statement. The country did, after all, elect a president who began his campaign with an infamous tirade. It seems racism is alive and well in Donald Trump’s United States of America.

Watch it here:

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