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A Black Trans Man Offered Her His Seat On The Subway. What She Did Next Is Disgusting

A Black Trans Man Offered Her His Seat On The Subway. What She Did Next Is Disgusting

We have reached a new low in America with the latest in a string of racist events since the election of Trump, reported on a New York City subway.

Last night, Ijan DaVonte Jarrett, an African-American transgender individual, offered a seat to Stephanie Pazmino – and got a stabbing for it. “I don’t want to sit next to black people!” said Pazmino.

Jarrett got up after Pazmino—who refused to sit—made her hate-filled statement to her companion in Spanish. Jarrett remained calm in spite of her inciting language, telling the New York Daily News:

“I got up anyway and said to her that she didn’t have to sit next to me,” explaining, “I took a seat across from her and just forgot all about it.”

This was not enough for Pazmino, who brutally attacked Jarrett on exiting the train, both punching and stabbing the victim. Pazmino slashed Jarrett across the face and cut into their left arm using a 2-inch knife. Jarrett was left bleeding on the subway platform as Pazmino was placed into police custody.

Jarrett did not immediately realize just how serious the injuries were in the chaos of the assault. However, once bystanders came forward Jarrett realized the depth of the damage that Pazmino afflicted.

Luckily, authorities did not excuse the racist motivation for Pazmino’s vicious attack; she has been charged with a hate-crime. Jarrett is in stable condition after being admitted to a nearby hospital following the traumatic event.

This is a deeply distrubing incident not only for the nation, but also for New York. The city known as a “melting pot” is as place where people of all backgrounds coexist, in spite of any surface-level differences. At the very least, New Yorkers are expected to tolerate sitting next to each other on public transit, and be respectful when someone gives up their seat.

Pazmino was so aggressively racist that she took a kind gesture, offered the day after Christmas, and used it as an opportunity to vengefully attack an innocent, and obviously gracious, individual. We cannot productively live in a society where people hate each other; this sort of injustice is inexcusable. Pazmino will be prosecuted, but that is not enough. Widespread racism, under the helm of racist figurehead Donald Trump, will destroy our country from the inside out.

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