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New York Just Blocked Trump From Dissolving “Foundation” Over Ongoing Investigation

New York Just Blocked Trump From Dissolving “Foundation” Over Ongoing Investigation

Recently, president-elect Donald Trump has been unusually outspoken in defense of the massive money-laundering and fraud operation known as the Donald J. Trump Foundation, seemingly unpromptedly – until it was revealed that the New York Attorney General has declared that Trump may not dissolve the foundation and cover his tracks.

Trump’s tweets are a classic example of the Donald Trump Law Of Opposites: if he says anything, it is in response to something, and the truth is the exact opposite.

Aside from revealing a telling unfamiliarity as to how actual charities work (apparently the Trump Foundation never even bought a pen?), his statements couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently, Trump announced he would “dissolve the Foundation” so he could torch all its records to hide the simply stunning amount of fraud and embezzlement he committed with his “charity;” everything from paying political bribes to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, funnelling at least $2 million in income through so he could evade paying taxes on it, and using $20,000 in charity funds to purchase a painting of – wait for it -himself.

The media did in fact report on all of this, much of the heavy lifting done by the incredible David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post, which is why the foundation is under investigation by the New York Attorney General and has been suspended from operating in that state. “The Trump Foundation is still under investigation by this office and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete” announced AG spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick.

For Trump to dissolve the Foundation now would be an appalling miscarriage of justice and would let Trump off the hook for decades worth of unethical behavior – and giving an ill-timed shot to his confidence, showing him that once again, he can get away with anything simply because of who he is. While that may be true when it comes to selfish patricians cheating the government, that will not hold true as Commander-in-Chief, when decisions mean that people -possibly millions, the way things have been going so far – will live or die. We must hold Trump accountable and send a message to the world that the rule of law is still sacred in the United States.

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