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Trump Just Launched A Childish Attack On Pres. Obama For No Reason

Trump Just Launched A Childish Attack On Pres. Obama For No Reason

Donald Trump proved once again that he is incapable of letting the most pedestrian of perceived slights go unchallenged when he responded to President Obama’s statement that the current POTUS believes he would have beaten Trump in the last election, which was really more a declaration of fact than any kind of “shot” at him.

Cry us a river, you overgrown child. Admittedly, the use of a Wayne’s World quip is slightly amusing, but it is extremely inappropriate to see coming from the man who would be president. Poor Donald Trump is trying his hardest to focus on not attending his intelligence briefings and deciding which of his billionaire donors to appoint to a cabinet position, and that President Obama keeps on “making statements!” This treatment is outrageous! Such roadblocks!

Not like the time that Donald Trump questioned whether or not President Obama was born in the United States and was he perhaps a Muslim, sparking a conspiracy theory that has undermined the legitimacy of one of our nation’s most accomplished leaders throughout his entire presidency and that half of his supporters still believe is true?

Thanks to Trump, President Obama had no delusions about undergoing a “smooth” transition. President Obama and the Democrats of America don’t owe him a damned thing, and if he thinks that these next four years are going to be “smooth,” he is in for a rude surprise.


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