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Robert De Niro’s New York Hotel Is Blowing Trump’s Out Of The Water

Robert De Niro’s New York Hotel Is Blowing Trump’s Out Of The Water

Winning the White House has brought about some serious consequences for Donald Trump’s already teetering businesses, which continue to suffer as individuals revolt against the vile rhetoric and policy positions which catapulted Trump to power. In particular, the Trump hotel empire’s crown jewel, the “Trump Soho Hotel” in New York City, has seen its occupancy rates drop drastically in the last six months.

The large herds of celebrities who used to flock to the posh hotel, which charges up to $50,000 per night, has also plummeted in size according to members of the paparazzi whose job it is to hide in the bushes like vermin and snap pictures of celebrities. Trump Soho Hotel used to be the spot for paparazzi members to stake out, but that stopped months ago, according to a photographer who spoke anonymously as they feared a reprisal from Trump. They said “almost nobody has stayed there for the last six months at least. Most A-listers now stay at the Greenwich Hotel owned by Robert De Niro.”

Beloved and legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro has no love lost for Trump, who he once called, “blatantly stupid.” De Niro went on to describe Trump by saying, “He’s a punk. He’s a dog. He’s a pig. He’s a con, a bullshit artist, a mutt.” While De Niro certainly was horrified with Trump’s presidential victory, it must offer him at least some solace to know he is personally humiliating Trump by taking away Trump’s hotel revenue.

The fallout and boycott against Trump’s business holdings has been steadily increasing in popularity. Trump’s own corporation was forced to drop his name as a brand for future projects since his precious brand is now so toxic, instead opting to label Trump hotels as “Scion” instead. Boycotts around the world have also impacted Trump’s  daughter, Ivanka, who had her Chinese-made clothing line pulled from the shelves of retailers. The boycott charge is being led by “GrabYourWallet”, a database which has listed every single business and corporation that has dealings with the Trump family.

The dwindling patronage for the Trump family has been codified in data by a San Francisco travel company named “Hipmunk” that found Trump’s hotel bookings have fallen by 58%. Such a decline is staggering. Furthermore, Foursquare found across all of Trump’s properties foot traffic was down 10 out of 12 months in 2016 as opposed to 2015, sometimes by as much as 17%.

As Trump has yet to assume the powers of the presidency, it is safe to assume the true backlash against him and his businesses has yet to fully begin. Those who stand in opposition are performing an admirable job thus far, but the work is far from completed and Trump must be forced to feel the consequences of his abhorrent behavior in the only place that matters to him — his wallet.

Watch Robert De Niro crush Trump below:

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