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Trump Says He Just Created 5,000 Sprint Jobs. The Truth Is Far More Sinister

Trump Says He Just Created 5,000 Sprint Jobs. The Truth Is Far More Sinister

Donald Trump is doing his damnedest to maintain the rapidly crumbling facade that he is some kind of populist hero, magically bringing the jobs back to America with a snap of his fingers! Just today, he announced that telecommunications company Sprint is moving 5,000 jobs back to the USA!

“I was just called by the head people at Sprint, and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the United States. They have taken them from other countries. They are bringing them back to the United States!” said Trump to reporters. He also took credit for another 3,000 jobs “created” at OneWeb, a Florida-based internet technology company.

Actually, the jobs that he just “took” credit for were jobs that he already had “taken credit for” when the 50,000 job “deal” with Masayoshi Son of Softbank was first announced, which was probably going to go to America anyway!

SoftBank announced in October that it would dedicate at least $25 billion toward the $100 billion “SoftBank Vision Fund” to invest in global technology companies in the next five years. Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund pledged to invest up to $45 billion in the same time period, with the additional $30 billion coming from outside investors.

“Son must have intended as much as half of the Vision Fund to go to the U.S., as he’s aware that there are great companies in Silicon Valley. But he chose this time to announce it as Trump is now going to be the next president,”

The 5,000 jobs from Sprint themselves are likely to have been already announced in March, when the Kansas City Star announced that 5,000 Sprint concierge jobs were going to be created in that state.

But Trump’s machinations, while primitive, are much more sinister than this. The digitally deficient despot announced proudly on Twitter a few weeks ago that he had signed “a deal” with Softbank, a Japanese investment company that owns 80% of Sprint telecommunications, for $50 billion of investment. That investment is actually coming from a $100 billion fund created on October 4th with Softbank and a sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. Trump met with Chairman Masayoshi Son on December 6th, after which they signed a “deal.”

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The deal they signed was on a Powerpoint printout. Not the most official or legally binding of documents. What is more likely is that Trump asked Masayoshi to allow him to announce that Softbank would be creating 50,000 jobs, and to have Sprint back him up – whether or not that was true – in exchange for President Trump allowing Softbanks’ proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile to go through, which has been currently blocked by the Department of Justice under President Obama. Trump wins, Sprint wins, Softbank wins. Whether or not the American people win is very unclear.

And such are the webs that the mendacious mandibles of Donald Trump weave. Inspiring to the eye, but weak and flaccid up close, falling apart at the slightest scrutiny. Trump is counting on the fact that his deeply disillusioned followers – over 50% of whom believe that Hillary Clinton’s emails were actually about pedophiliac satanist rituals – will simply buy his pronouncements at face value, which they probably will. But the rest of the country must know what a conniving turncoat Donald Trump truly is. He will sell the American people out time and time again – as he has throughout his entire business career – in order to make himself look good.

Don’t buy into the hype. Trump isn’t doing anything for this country.

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