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Charlie Sheen Just Sent Trumpers Into A Blind Rage With One Tweet

Charlie Sheen Just Sent Trumpers Into A Blind Rage With One Tweet

Trump supporters are losing their minds because the infamously provocative actor Charlie Sheen just used twitter to exercise his First Amendment rights of freedom of religion to send the world a prayer.

Sheen’s riff on the tsunami of celebrity deaths has sour conservatives calling the actor an asshole, and conservative publications are ironically blaming the media for lacking proper outrage against the sick (but popular) prayers tweeted by an actor best known for manic rants claiming he’s powered by tiger blood.

The superstar former sitcom actor went on a manic #WINNING rant that broke Twitter a few years ago, dominating headlines for weeks as he departed the top rated television sitcom Two and a Half Men and bragged about his polyamorous lifestyle.

Conservatives at The Daily Wire couldn’t even blame Charlie Sheen for his own statements, instead darting quickly into a bubble – a safe zone or place where Republicans who don’t want to believe their party is racist and KKK endorsed their presidential nominee can roam free. Instead, they blame the media for not condemning Sheen fast enough, really, in a story called “Charlie Sheen Begs God to Kill Trump and Gives Us Reason #11,432 to Hate the Media“:

…this is just the latest item on a long list of offenses our national media is showing little to no outrage towards. Returning to Sheen, so what? Personally, I do not care about tasteless jokes, even if they are directed at My President.

What is notable, though, is a national media that assures and reassures us they are objective and unbiased guardians of truth and norms, and yet… where is the 24/7 cable news sh*tstorm over what, just 6 weeks ago, this very same media would have rampaged against in defense of their precious Obama?

It’s a formal flavor of the bizarre truth shamingby conservative media determined to ignore their party’s open incitement of racial violence and religious discrimination by standard bearer Donald Trump which has caused a literal wave of hate crimes, but they live to blame “the media” for literally everything that happens, like in this instance. Conservatives think everything is fake news unless they say it these days, and are harassing journalists who might make an occasional mistake as if they are actual propagandists like Info Wars or Breitbart where the truth is an inconvenient barrier to telling a story to their audiences.

It’s no surprise that they’d surf into a gutter fight on Twitter with Charlie Sheen and slink away blaming the media.

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Sheen is nothing if not a master internet troll, and even Trump’s horde of lunatic religious zealots can’t argue with his defense of praying for Donald Trump to be “next.”

1 Truth Shaming: When any uninformed or ignorant person shames an informed person for speaking the truth.

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