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A Top Republican Operative Just Accused Trump Of Treason

A Top Republican Operative Just Accused Trump Of Treason

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Republican operative and prominent #NeverTrump activist Rick Wilson took to Twitter last night to eviscerate our treasonous president-elect and all the lapdog sellvote Republicans that are turning their backs on the values they pretended to whole and the country they profess to love. In a truly epic series of tweets, Wilson calls out Republicans for their eager embrace of conspiracy theories but refuse to accept the cold hard facts – that Putin’s Russia interfered in our election to get Trump elected.

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The majority of the Republican establishment is pivoting with astonishing rapidity to embrace Trump and his win, knowing that they finally have the chance they’ve always wanted to pass a host of horrific bills that would please their corporate bills but ruin the American economy and what little remains of the middle class. They’re entirely willing to toss aside four decades of militant Russophobia and self-righteous hyperpatriotism on a whim so that they can rule with their ignorant rapist of a nominee, disassemble our democracy, and spit on every value this nation was founded on. I think Wilson’s accusations hit home far too hard.

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