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Trump Ally Carl Paladino Just Got Fired For Racist Michelle Obama Attacks

Trump Ally Carl Paladino Just Got Fired For Racist Michelle Obama Attacks

Donald Trump’s former New York state campaign chair, Carl Paladino has been under heavy fire for making horrifyingly racist remarks in about our beloved President and First Lady. Paladino said that he’d like to send Michelle Obama back to Africa to live with “gorillas” and that he hopes President Obama dies of “mad cow disease.” When asked if he had really made the remarks, Paladino – who once ran for governor – told the editors of the Buffalo News that “of course he did” and that they could go “f*ck themselves” and that working class people really just “want the raccoons out of the basement.”

But even in Trumpland, words sometimes do have consequences. The School Board of Buffalo has voted 6-2 to oust Paladino from the board, demanding his resignation. We can only wonder at the justifications the two dissenters had for keeping such a monster on an educational body. If he responds to them as he did to the editors of the Buffalo News, they will go to the Department of Education to have him removed.

The widespread anger at Paladino’s simply disgusting remarks is palpable throughout the state, as this billboard clearly shows:

It is absolutely astonishing that Carl Paladino was allowed to make decisions regarding the education of children at all, seeing as this is certainly not the first time he’s said something outrageously offensive about people of color. He once complained about the “damn Asians” at the University of Buffalo; sent out emails containing pornography and racial slurs while running for governor and he told the family of slain war hero Humayun Khan they weren’t a Gold Star family and supported Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) because they spoke at the Democratic National Convention. 

This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to kick Paladino off the school board either, but it will be the first time they succeed. But the way things are going in Washington these days, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has a White House job in a few weeks.

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