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Hypocrite Trump Just Banned Guns At His Inauguration

Hypocrite Trump Just Banned Guns At His Inauguration

Donald Trump made the defense of “the Second Amendment” one of his central platform pieces, telling his naive and gullible fans that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were coming to take their guns and that the Second Amendment was “under siege.” He vowed to expand gun rights across the United States, declaring that “I’m going to get rid of gun-free zones on military bases and I’m also going to do it in schools” and to legalize weapon carry in all 50 states. 

But the rules for the January 20th inauguration were just released, and the hypocrisy couldn’t be more obvious.

Donald Trump thinks that we should allow guns in our classrooms, because “gun free zones are so dangerous,” but – shocker – the coward doesn’t want them at his own inauguration. “The problem with gun free zones is it’s like offering up candy to bad people. They hear gun free zones and they go in there with their guns blazing” said Trump on guns in schools. But Trump wants his own inauguration to be a “gun free zone.”

It just goes to show what utterly shameless hypocrites Republicans are.  They never practice what they preach; the agendas they fight for so viciously are all in service of the various corporate interests – in this case the National Rifle Association and weapons manufacturers – putting the lives of innocent Americans at risk but never their own.

It’s no real surprise coming from the political party whose obstinate refusal to consider even the most commonsense gun reform that would even amount to a minor inconvenience to gun owners has lead to the epidemic of gun violence which leaves around 300 Americans shot every day. While nobody is really surprised that Trump is banning guns at the inauguration, the hypocrisy is unreal.

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