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Trump’s Ex-Advisor Just Sent McCain A Letter Threatening Our Military

Trump’s Ex-Advisor Just Sent McCain A Letter Threatening Our Military

After Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) announced there will be an official hearing into the Russian government’s involvement in stealing the presidential election, a former top adviser to President-elect Trump allegedly issued McCain an ominous warning.

Trump’s former foreign policy adviser, Carter Page, wrote Sen. McCain a threatening letter according to the Russian propaganda website “Sputnik News.” The letter by Page, in part, said:

Any efforts by members of Congress now to undercut potential new approaches to Russia would risk U.S. national security and innumerable service members lives.

The “new approaches” were not defined, but Trump’s fawning over Russian dictator Vladimir Putin are a heavy indication of what is to come in the future for America’s Russian foreign policy. Page seems to hint that if an investigation were to transpire that the findings of that investigation would lead to an all-out war.

Deeper into the letter, Page contradicts himself by speculating that McCain’s investigation is not going to yield results. He wrote:

Whatever evidence might eventually be unearthed by Congress and the executive branch in the various ongoing investigations about Russia, it is unlikely that anything will ever be found that is so blatant as the hostile and highly undiplomatic statement by Mrs. Clinton: ‘We came, we saw, he died.’

Page, curiously, tacitly admitted that there is evidence to be found. However, it seems Page believes the Russian government infringing upon the sovereignty of American elections is less of an infraction than an innocuous comment made by Hillary Clinton about the death of Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi. Such desperation to pull at straws to defend Russian villainy shows just how lowly Trump and his allies truly are, and to what cracks and crevices they will shamelessly slither.

Page is an oligarch who was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of the Energy & Power Investment Banking Group at Merrill Lynch’s Moscow office. He has extremely close ties to the Russian oil giant Gazprom, which is a state-run monopoly that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin uses to fill the pockets of his supporters. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Page is pro-Putin and blames the West for “provoking a confrontation” with Russia over their expansionism in the Ukraine, and advocates for appeasement and complicity with Russian aggression.

When questioned about the existence of the letter, Sen. McCain’s office did not respond for a comment. The letter has only been reported to exist by the incredibly unreliable Sputnik News and the Russian propaganda television network “Russia Today” (RT) (the equivalents to Breitbart and FOX News in America). The government of Russia wholly owns and operates both entities, and regularly uses them to disseminate information which has often been proved to be inaccurate.

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