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Obama Just Announced A HUGE Star-Studded Party To Rival Trump’s Inauguration

Obama Just Announced A HUGE Star-Studded Party To Rival Trump’s Inauguration

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Donald Trump can’t find any famous people to play at his inauguration, and that upsets him to no end. Trump is an egomaniacal narcissist, a deeply insecure one who is obsessed with his public perception and with surrounding himself with celebrity. He’s spent his whole life trying to make himself a celebrity, intent on proving to himself that he’s just as incredible as he thinks he deserves to be in his mind. The refusal of America’s cultural elite to hobnob with Trump is a blow that cuts to his very core.

As Joy-Ann Reid notes at the Daily Beast, “the mad scramble by his team to secure famous players for his inaugural festivities coupled with his ad-hoc photo ops with a fading Jim Brown, a bizarre, unmedicated Kanye West and huckster-cum-murderer Don King makes Trump’s existential yearning clear.”

While his inauguration will be cut short due to the refusal of America’s popular figures to attend, President Obama is preparing his final White House party, which will be awash with megafamous Americans like Oprah Winfrey, music heavyweights Beyonce and Jay-Z, actor Samuel L. Jackson, world-famous singer Stevie Wonder, Academy Award-winning actor Bradley Cooper, and directors J.J. Abrams and George Lucas.

And before Republicans can whine and moan about the use of public funds to pay for the party, the First Family is probably going to pay for it themselves, like they did when they invited rockstar Prince to play at the White House.

Most details about this party are still under wraps, of course, but we can all take pleasure at imagining Donald Trump seething with anger and self-doubt as America’s most beloved superstars celebrate the black president he hates so much while refusing to normalize Trump, his ethnonationalist hatred, and his flagrant corruption.

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