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Trump Wants To Tear Down The Swing Set Obama Built. Obama’s Response Is Amazing

Trump Wants To Tear Down The Swing Set Obama Built. Obama’s Response Is Amazing

Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office yet and he’s already making a mess of the White House. Despite being the father to a ten-year-old son who might enjoy playing outside, Trump wants to tear down the playset on the White House lawn, originally used by Sasha and Malia. The playset has turned into an iconic part of the White House lawn and gives joy to children from around the world while their parents are discussing political affairs.

This did not stop Trump, however, from only considering himself and wanting to destroy it. Not only has he rejected Barack Obama’s gesture of letting him keep the playhouse in the first place, Trump has also disregarded any child who might want to use it in the future—including his own son.

Trump has been vocal about his negligent approach to parenting, admitting that his only role as a father is to “supply funds” and that he, “won’t do anything to take care of [my children].”

It makes sense that Trump wants nothing to do with children—he is cold, selfish and remarkably petty. He has gone out of his way to refuse something as innocuous as a children’s playset from Barack Obama, in spite of the current president’s best efforts at letting the inviting jungle gym live.

Luckily, Obama has saved the playset from Trump, who did not see the use in it for himself and thus saw no alternative but to demolish it. The president has made sure that the set will be donated to a local charity so that children can continue to play on it well after Trump comes and goes. Once visible from the Oval Office, it will continue to provide happiness in spite of Trump’s best efforts at wrecking anything—literally anything— objectively good that he encounters.


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