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This Trump Quote From 2015 Proves His Attack On Meryl Streep Is Bullsh*t

This Trump Quote From 2015 Proves His Attack On Meryl Streep Is Bullsh*t

Trump is a hypocritical flip-flopper—he will turn on anyone, including actors he once publicly admired. After Meryl Streep’s well-spoken and passionate speech at the Golden Globes last night, in which she addressed among other things, Trump’s disgraceful mocking of a disabled journalist (though never actually saying his name) he directly called her “over-rated.”

As recently as 2015, Meryl Streep topped Trump’s list of favorite actresses; he even complemented her character. When asked by The Hollywood Reporter to name his preferred starlets, Streep was a go-to.

Julia Roberts is terrific, and many others,” he continued. “Meryl Streep is excellent; she’s a fine person, too.” 

It goes to show that Trump is not even able to get his story straight when it comes to celebrities—he can turn from complimenting a person to completely degrading them on his Twitter. His principles and beliefs are as passing as the wind.

The President-elect had nothing better to do last night than watch the Golden Globes, defending himself against the indefensible on Twitter at 6:30am, to say “for the 100th time” he did not mock a disabled reporter, he “simply showed him.” That doesn’t make what he did better or even justify anything, he is just confirming that he did in fact, mock a disabled reporter.

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In addition to calling Streep “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood,” which is clearly not how he felt in 2015, he also coined the strange term “Hillary flunky” to describe her.

In her speech, Streep pleaded with viewers to keep defense of the press top-of-mind and to support the Committee to Protect Journalists. The organization received $60,000 in donations because of her speech. Indeed, Trump should be embarrassed that this “over-rated actress” who he was once so fond of, just gave a better speech than he would ever be capable of and called him out for being so overwhelmingly despicable. The only way he can react is to tweet and behave more like a preteen than a man of seventy who will soon be president. Sad!

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