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It Was John McCain Who Alerted US Intel About Trump’s Russian Blackmail

It Was John McCain Who Alerted US Intel About Trump’s Russian Blackmail

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Donald Trump will have plenty of questions to answer in his first officially planned press conference as president-elect Wednesday. The Guardian newspaper, famous for publishing Edward Snowden inspired reports about the National Security Administration, posted an article late Tuesday revealing secret correspondence between the Trump campaign and the Russian government — about blackmail over an alleged “golden showers” sex party at a Moscow hotel room. 

The report comes at the end of a marathon release of news about Trump and ties with Russian intelligence. There was that sex tape, featured in a 35-page report with details about a “golden showers party” involving Trump at the Moscow Ritz Carlton. There was the alleged blackmail against Mr. Trump, extorting Russian intelligence video including alleged evidence “golden showers” sex parties and other acts of prostitution. There was the British intelligence dossier on the topic delivered to President Barack Obama.

Now, it seems, there has been a coverup of information that seems to affirm that Trump won the election walking hand in hand with the Russian government.

Republican Senator John McCain presented FBI Director James Comey with documents that displayed contacts between Trump and Moscow related to “personally compromising” material related to the soon-to-be president, The Guardian reports. Yes, this is the same same FBI director who released an about-nothing press release raising suspicion about Hillary Clinton’s emails days before the election.

The article cites anonymous sources and a series of reports dated from June 20 to October 20, 2016. One of those reports claims the Russian government has been communicating with Trump for five years, the newspaper reports.

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“Most explosively, the report alleges: “FSB has compromised Trump through his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to blackmail him.” The president-elect has not responded to the allegations.”

McCain has not vouched for the reliability of the documents, which The Guardian found erroneous in several instances. Nonetheless, a growing wave of leaked intelligence seems to support Trump’s not-so-dry ties with Moscow.

Trump may soon come to regret his insulting attacks against John McCain, who has so far been carrying the water for the Republican Party’s supposed patriotism. As one of the few remaining Cold Warriors, McCain remembers what it was like when Russia was our primary enemy and is willing to turn his back on his party for his country, showing a backbone that the gallery of frauds and hypocrites that make up the Republican Party clearly lacks.

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No wonder Trump has spent weeks questioning intelligence reports that the country hacked documents that effected the election. Wouldn’t want the world learning of his golden hobbies.

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