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Karma Just Came For Price-Gouging Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli In The Best Way Possible

Karma Just Came For Price-Gouging Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli In The Best Way Possible

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While the future of the planet seems rather bleak with President-elect Donald Trump’s ascension to power less than a week away, life does sometimes have its little bonuses. A famed and despicable Trump supporter named Martin Shkreli received what can only be described as a dousing of justice when he was pelted with a fistful of dog poop during his latest public appearance.

The scene took place at the University of California where Shkreli was slated to speak alongside his hateful associate, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos in what was dubbed “A Twitter villain extravaganza.” Both men have been previously banned from Twitter.

Review the official poster below:

The tour returns this Friday the 13th, with guest star Martin Shkreli. A killer night ahead of us, UC Davis…

A photo posted by MILO (@milo.yiannopoulos) on

Protesters surrounding the entrance to where the event was to be held confronted Shkreli who was as helpless as a baby lamb to get away. One protester shouted as Shkreli, “You piece of shit!” and then lobbed a glorious bomb of dog excrement which struck him squarely in the face.

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Watch that beautiful moment below as many times as you like, it never gets old:

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Shkreli can be observed wiping his face and eye in an attempt to remove the residue from his person. Dogs have the ability to pass toxocariasis to human beings through their waste, which is a form of ringworm. According to the Center for Disease Control, “Treatment of ocular toxocariasis is more difficult and usually consists of measures to prevent progressive damage to the eye.” If Shkreli were to have contracted the illness there would surely not be a dry eye in the house giving him the sympathy he so richly deserves.

Shkreli rose to infamy when he loudly and proudly purchased the patent of critical medication, Daraprim, which treats both AIDS and cancer patients through his firm Turing Pharmaceuticals. Shkreli raised the price Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 overnight. Shkreli defended the move by saying:

To me the drug was woefully underpriced. It is not a question of ‘Is this fair?’ or ‘What did you pay for it?’ or ‘When was it invented?’ It should be more expensive in many ways.

Shkreli has welcomed the hatred of the public toward him, and in doing so he has willingly opened the door to scenes like this. He has only himself to blame.

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