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Trump Just Tweeted At The Wrong Ivanka. Her Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Tweeted At The Wrong Ivanka. Her Response Is Perfect

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Donald Trump can’t even get Twitter right. This morning the President-elect accidentally tweeted the wrong Ivanka—instead of reaching out to his favorite fetish daughter he directed the world to Ivanka Majic, a digital consultant from Brighton, England, otherwise known by her handle @Ivanka.

Her response to this global guffaw was perfect. Ms. Majic schooled the upcoming president, embarrassingly taking him down in 140 characters or less.

Trump retweeted someone who said that Ivanka Trump a “great, a woman with real character and class” – which means that he’s searching Twitter for praise about himself, which is alarming in and of it self – and sent it to @Ivanka (space).

@Ivanka replied: “And you’re a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about #climatechange.” She also shared a photo of climate consensus, in which over 12 million US scientists agree that climate change is human-induced and very real.

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Ivanka Majic woke up to a flurry of emails and requests for comment—being in the UK, she slept through the tweet as it was happening. Majic was able to comment to CNN however, noting that, like anyone who isn’t a racist misogynist, she could not agree with Trump less.

“The interesting thing about me being dragged into a Twitter conversation with Trump is that my politics are very different than his,” she commented.

“It’s not every morning, well it’s never really, that I wake up and find that lots of international news agencies want to talk to me,” she continued. “I had many, many mentions. I normally try to reply politely, but I’m not going to be able to get back to everyone today.”

Trump is a sorry old man; he cannot even use Twitter properly—his favorite mode of communication—let alone run our nation. He is not even in office yet and he is already at the center of mishaps that make us, as Americans, look ridiculous. We did not all elect this man, but his presence is an extension of us. At the very least this is embarrassing (proven by incidents like today) and at its’ worst, dangerous, and life-threatening. With days to go before the inauguration, there is almost no way to prepare as a nation for the Trump disaster train, which has already begun wrecking the country.

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