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Denzel Washington Just Summed Up Obama’s Presidency With 3 Perfect Words

Denzel Washington Just Summed Up Obama’s Presidency With 3 Perfect Words

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Last week Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington was asked about President Obama’s legacy by an interviewer on the red carpet. He was put on the spot, but the words he came up with are an eloquent tribute to the eight years of Obama’s presidency. Washington said,

“I think that he served with dignity, strength, patience, and I think he did a great job. He didn’t get a lot of credit. But just for not cracking under pressure… that alone, you know…”

Washington went on to say that he had to pay homage to generations of black men and women whose fights for racial equality were essential to making a black presidency even possible. Ultimately he recognizes that the struggle for Civil Rights, the historic presidency of Obama, and the legacy Obama is leaving behind are too much for one person to sum up. Washington gracefully admitted,

“It’s bigger than what I can say.”

As we enter into the Donald Trump presidency, more and more people are speaking up to convey their nostalgia for the Obama years. President Obama inspired hope in the American people and delivered eight years of a strengthening economy and historic protections for the increasing diversity of America. Washington added another beautiful tribute to a growing throng of appreciation for everything Obama has done for this great nation.

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