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Stephen King Just Perfectly Summed Up Trump’s Inauguration

Stephen King Just Perfectly Summed Up Trump’s Inauguration

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Author Stephen King has been politically active on Twitter this year, lobbying hard against President Donald Trump and some of his most horrific policy ideas. Today, inauguration day, King summed up exactly what we can expect from a Trump Administration, given everything he has done and said since the beginning of his campaign. There are dark days ahead, or in King’s words, “The Age of Dumb,” and he wants every Trump voter to take responsibility for the havoc our new president is going to wreak on the country.


In his inaugural speech, Trump appealed to American values and the collective American people. We do not believe that Trump is an adequate defender and leader of American values and the people, but we do believe that American values and the American values will endure. We will get through the next four years by clinging to everything about our nation that have made it great since its birth. Those values and that greatness still endures today, whatever Trump may claim.

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