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The Senate Just Met And Decided To Keep Investigating The Russian Hacks

The Senate Just Met And Decided To Keep Investigating The Russian Hacks

Evidence that Russia screwed with the presidential election to put Trump in the White House is mounting. The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee just announced it is moving forward an investigation into Russian hacking that may have helped Donald Trump win the presidency, according to The Hill. The investigation is merging with a probe into communications between several proposed Trump cabinet members and Moscow.

There are now six agencies investigating potential hacking that compromised the Democratic National Committee’s emails weeks before election day, including the Senate Intelligence Committee, FBI, CIA, Treasury, Justice Department, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the National Security Agency.

Among those under investigation are Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, who made phone calls to a Russian ambassador before being sworn in, according to Business Insider. Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, and Rex Tillerson have also been in contact with Russia, according to a former British spy’s dossier, released by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

A series of damaging emails exchanged within the Democratic National Committee were released through Wikileaks in July. In October, the intelligence community confirmed that it was investigating potential Russian involvement with the hacks.

Trump’s poll numbers jumped after that release, and again after FBI Director James Comey revealed, two weeks before election day, that more of Hillary Clinton’s emails were under review. Those emails turned out to be inconsequential, related to a pornography investigation of Anthony Weiner, the ex-husband of a Clinton staffer.

Of course, Russia may have plenty of incentive to put Trump in the White House. If that same British intelligence dossier is true, then the Russian intelligence agency FSB has a video tape of Donald Trump paying prostitutes to put on a pee show in a Moscow hotel room.

The latest update on the situation is that Comey is going to be among few Obama appointees to keep his job under Trump, and Russia may enjoy relaxed sanctions. If Russian President Vladimir Putin had a plan, U.S. political priorities seem to be unfolding accordingly. If these investigations keep up, that hotel room video may be forthcoming shortly.

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