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Trump Just Called The NY Times “Fake News.” Their Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Called The NY Times “Fake News.” Their Response Is Perfect

Donald Trump has again lashed out at the media for accurately and rightfully condemning his recent executive orders banning immigration from seven Muslim nations, ending the refugee program, and deporting some 500,000 green card holders abroad without due process. This morning, he took to Twitter to label the two most respected independent media publications in the United States as “fake news.”

Since Trump is unable to make a statement without glorifying himself, he decided to bring up his primary victories as evidence that the media was “wrong.”

The New York Times fired back at Trump today, however, publicly remarking that in fact the complete opposite of a decline has happened, thanks to the rise of Trump:

There has been a noted boost in subscriptions and donations to independent media since an increasingly fascist Donald Trump won the election and began waging his war to rewrite the truth to serve fit his worldview and justify his heinous agenda of white supremacy. He and his cronies know that controlling information is vital to entrenching their regimes and removing accountability for their actions, which makes it more important than ever that we support independent media and keep control of the public discourse out of his tiny hands.

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