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This Veteran Just Perfectly Explained Why Trump’s Refugee Ban Is So Awful

This Veteran Just Perfectly Explained Why Trump’s Refugee Ban Is So Awful

Donald Trump’s unconstitutional executive orders that ban Muslims from seven nations and ends the refugee resettlement program has blocked the entrance of 58,000 men and women from Iraq alone who have risked their lives and the safety of their families to help United States military forces carry out their missions during the Iraq War and the war against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).

58,000 is a large number, but it’s just a statistic. Put a human face and story to that number by reading this heartbreaking tale from veteran Dylan Park, told via tweetstorm about how a young Iraqi boy saved his life and their miraculous meeting in the United States years later.

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Each of those 58,000 people have a story similar to Brahim and Dylan’s.

This is who Trump is keeping from coming to the United States. Thousands of Iraqis stood by the American military, guiding them, interpreting for them, advising them when we invaded Iraq. They did so because they believed in American democracy and were hoping for a better future for their nation. Thousands lost their lives for doing so, labelled traitors by insurgent groups and paying the ultimate price for it.

The very least we can do to repay them for the risks they took is to give them a chance at a new life here in America.

h/t to Dylan Park. Follow him on Twitter here.

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