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Trump Hotels Just Asked Twitter To Share A Travel Memory. Their Responses Are SAVAGE

Trump Hotels Just Asked Twitter To Share A Travel Memory. Their Responses Are SAVAGE

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As Donald Trump’s appalling anti-Muslim immigration executive order led to hundreds of refugees and green-card holders being arrested and detained at airports across the United States, his own hotel chain made the extremely poor decision to ask the internet to share a favorite travel memory.

Twitter immediately jumped on the company, barraging them with powerful stories of their families’ immigration woes and some well-deserved mockery.

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The incredibly poor timing of that tweet is just mind-boggling. It really hits home the vast divides that separate sociopathic billionaires like Trump from real people; the horror and the fear of people whose lives and families are at risk after traveling over hundreds of miles in hopes of starting a new life juxtaposed against a casual celebration of bourgeois luxury and an attempt to secure you booking an overpriced hotel room in one of Trump’s unprofitable hotels.

Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims and the end of the refugee program is an outrageous insult to the countless American men and women who fought and died to preserve our values of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all. We must resist Trump and his neo-Nazi puppet master at all costs.


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