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Stephen King Just Perfectly Summed Up Trump’s First Week

Stephen King Just Perfectly Summed Up Trump’s First Week

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In just one week, Donald Trump has turned our nation upside down with an avalanche of tyrannical executive orders.  He’s ordered the construction of the border wall with Mexico, banned immigration from seven Muslim countries, set in place the foundation for his proposed Muslim registry, ended the refugee resettlement program, froze hiring for the federal government (including nurses and doctors for Veterans Affairs), and reauthorized the Keystone XL and Dakota pipelines – among a host of other outlandish demands.

World-famous author Stephen King summed up this awful week with this perfect tweet.

It is absolutely staggering to see the amount of damage he’s done to our nation in his first week. If he keeps this up, American society as we know it is at great risk. The values that our founding fathers held dear are being trampled under the jackboots of neo-Nazis as what remains of the American wilds are auctioned off to the highest bidder. We must stand up and resist him at every turn before the car explodes.

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