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Dove Just Hilariously Trolled Trump’s “Alternative Facts” With New Ad Campaign

Dove Just Hilariously Trolled Trump’s “Alternative Facts” With New Ad Campaign

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Unilever’s brand Dove, producer of soaps and other personal care products, has just released an ad campaign in the UK mercilessly mocking Donald Trump’s administration.

Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway recently claimed that the Administration was offering “alternative facts” instead of lies when she was accused of spreading obvious falsehoods. Now Dove has released a #alternativefacts advertising spread in several prominent British newspapers including the Guardian and the Times.

The list of absurdities ends with #alternativefacts, making it clear that things like “New Dove antiperspirant rhymes with orange” are in the same category as the Trump Administration’s obsessive lies about things as petty and irrelevant as crowd sizes and Trump’s margin of defeat in the popular vote. The second half of the two-page spread gives the actual features of Dove antiperspirant followed by #realfacts.

The ad campaign is timely and witty. It shows a willingness to respond to current events, and more importantly, emphasizes how closely Brits are following and loathing what is happening in Trump’s White House. The world is watching in horror as America quickly abandons its position in the global order, geopolitics, and its general sanity. Meanwhile, we are stuck living under an administration committed to distorting or concealing the truth at every turn, impeding citizens’ attempts to hold Trump accountable to his duty to serve them.

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The situation is dire and anything but funny. However, continuing to mock Trump and emphasize how bizarre and absurd every single he says or does is is one way to keep our heads above water and keep a grip on the truth – and a perfect way to deny Trump the legitimacy he needs so desperately.

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