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Trump Just Disrespected And Insulted One Of Our Closest Allies

Trump Just Disrespected And Insulted One Of Our Closest Allies

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You’d think that even Trump wouldn’t be able to mess this up. A friendly phone call with one of our nation’s longest and closest allies. Surely even a deranged narcissist like Trump should be able to handle this without causing an international incident?

Apparently not. The Washington Post reports that a volatile and unstable Trump opened his call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull by boasting about – for the umpteenth time – the margin by which he won the Electoral College.

When Turnbull asked if Trump was planning to honor an Obama Administration agreement to resettle 1,250 refugees in the United States, Trump lost his cool. “This is the worst deal ever!” groused Trump, who complained he was going to “get killed” politically and then accused Australia of trying to “export the next Boston bomber” to us.

Trump was referring to the Tsarnaev brothers, who committed the horrifying bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon. They were both American citizens, and their family was granted political asylum after entering the United States on a tourist visa. They were not refugees.

Trump then told him he had spoken to several other leaders today, including Vladimir Putin, and that this was by far “the worst.” The aging racist then abruptly hung up the phone, 25 minutes into a conversation expected to last an hour.

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Our president’s mental faculties are visibly deteriorating with every passing day. His egotistical insistence on clinging to his electoral college victory is growing truly pathetic at this point. He shows no inclination to govern beyond fulfilling the racist fantasies of his neo-Nazi advisor, Stephen Bannon and shows no regard for our allies or our treaty obligations.

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Trump is singlehandedly undoing all the hard work that President Obama did to repolish our international reputation after the last Republican administration dragged it through the dirt. It’s going to take another Democrat to fix it.


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