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A Pastor Just Went Viral Begging Americans to “Stop Calling Trump A Christian”

A Pastor Just Went Viral Begging Americans to “Stop Calling Trump A Christian”

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Pastor John Pavlovitz didn’t pull any punches when he wrote his blog post today titled “It’s Time We Stopped Calling Donald Trump A Christian.” This withering attack on President Donald Trump’s morals shows what the president really is: a self-serving crony capitalist who cynically masquerades as a Christian to earn votes and public support while displaying none of the qualities that makes a good Christian.

Pavlovitz says as much, questioning how Trump “miraculously ‘found Jesus’ right at the time he needed to pull in million of Evangelical voters.”

Never mind that his life showed an open contempt for most of the things the Jesus of the Gospels lived and preached: humilty, generosity, respect, empathy, kindness, peace.

Pavlovitz doesn’t simply criticize Trump but also takes aim at the Religious Industrial Complex that aided him on his way to victory, labeling them “opportunistic” in their bid to frame this racist sexual predator a Christian. He condemns their hypocrisy as they continually criticized President Obama while brushing aside arguments against Donald Trump, replying that people were “not to judge, lest we be judged” or that “God looks at the heart.”

A few weeks into Donald Trump’s tenure, Christians need to speak the truth that sets them free: Donald Trump is not a Christian

He quotes Matthew 5:15-20, a relevant Bible verse for these troubling times: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” Indeed, Trump with the help of his “religious yes-men” have deceived Christians across America into thinking he gives a damn about Christian virtues. “Right now”, Pavlovitz says, “using him [Trump] as a symbol of the Christian faith is catastrophic for the people looking on.” There actually couldn’t be a worse symbol for a faith that promotes modesty and respect for all, as Pavlovitz points out: “Christians need to stop insisting that Donald Trump is a Christian if they really care at all about people coming to know Christ. If that is the greatest burden on their hearts, using this man is tantamount to spiritual treason.”

What is the fruit of elimnating healthcare for tens of millions of pooer people?
What is the fruit of banning refugees and leaving them stranded at airports?
What is the fruit of walling off Mexico and demanding they pay for the gesture?
What is the fruit of driving an oil pipeline through sacred Native American land?
What is the fruit of filling your cabinet with billionaires?
What is the fruit of demonizing and banning Muslims?
What is the fruit of appointing a white supremacist to the highest level of government?

It’s rotten fruit, that’s what it is.

John Pavlovitz’s blog post is a step in the right direction. Many people consider their true leaders to be their local clergymen, and once they start to speak out against Trump’s un-Christian and un-American policies his support base will begin to dwindle. Thank you, John!

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