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Anti-Trump Patriots Fans Just Went Viral By Trolling Trump Beautifully

Anti-Trump Patriots Fans Just Went Viral By Trolling Trump Beautifully

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Donald Trump loves the Patriots. The Patriots, vis a vis, team owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady, love Trump. But, as election outcomes in the most educated state in the union reveal (every county voted for Hillary Clinton), very few New England Patriots fans want anything to do with the so-called president.

So what’s a well-educated, Massachusetts-living, constitution loving football fan to do this Sunday? Most Patriots fans aren’t giving up on their team despite the tragic political undertones, according to a Yahoo! Sports poll. Instead, they are using the Patriot’s NFL success in the best possible way: to prop up causes that Mr. Trump and his supporters absolutely hate.

Josh Gondelman, a writer for John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show, shared on Twitter this week that, while he can’t give up support for his lifelong team, he can turn Patriots successes into wins for progressive causes.

Thousands of others have followed, and the #AGoodGame hashtag has gone viral. One fan pledged to donate money to a woman running for office at every Pats touchdown and field goal in the big game, per USA Today. Even ACLU Attorney Chase Strangio, who has been the subject of attacks from the right-wing hate website Breitbart, chipped in.

While Sunday’s game is pulling at the heartstrings of many well-meaning Bay Staters — and leading Bill Maher into a hilariously brilliant 8-minute rant against the team — many New England fans are showing that they are true Patriots in the best and most resourceful ways possible.

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