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A Rogue Twitter Account Just Launched A Resistance From Inside Trump’s White House

A Rogue Twitter Account Just Launched A Resistance From Inside Trump’s White House

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Resistance towards the Trump Administration has been growing across America as citizens react to his appalling executive orders and downright horrific cabinet appointments. But it seems that resistance has also appeared where one might least expect it: within Donald Trump’s White House staff.

For two weeks the Twitter handle @RoguePOTUSStaff has been tweeting fascinating little tidbits of information, supposedly originating from someone working inside the white house. The first Tweet on January 25th appeared to try and set the tone for what Trump’s presidency will be like:

To be clear: the account does not provide verifiable facts, but context on how events are occurring from the point of view of Trump’s inner circle, or at least someone surrounded by it. In its own words, the account seeks to “reveal the inner chaos and incompetence of President Trump’s White House.” The account also provides a smaller glimmer of hope that not everyone in Trump’s administration is as ideologically driven nor as incompetent as he is.

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The account also reveals quite a lot about the personalities of Trump and his administration off camera, for example, this tweet about Kellyanne Conway.

But the account has also served a practical purpose. It has given an advanced warning about executive orders and how the President is handling his new job. Apparently, not so well:

Indeed, it seems the President really doesn’t like criticism, nor does he understand that he can be criticized. You’d think for a man who so passionately condemned President Obama’s policies he’d be more open to some political opposition.

The person behind the account has taken quite a big risk as their tweets seriously undermine Trump’s administration, displaying for all to see the unprofessionalism that goes on behind closed doors.

Here are some of the accounts best or most unbelievable tweets:

For all those out there who want to stay up-to-date on the happenings of the Trump administration, this account is one you have to follow.

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