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Americans Are Trolling Trump By Sending Him These HILARIOUS Postcards

Americans Are Trolling Trump By Sending Him These HILARIOUS Postcards

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Anti-Trump protestors are sending scathing postcards to the real president, Steve Bannon. It has become increasingly apparent that President-in-name Donald Trump is merely a puppet of white supremacist Steve Bannon, who gets him to sign things by telling him Obama wouldn’t have done it. Bannon is a former Goldman Sachs banker, Hollywood investor, and head of Breitbart, a fascist hate rag.

Shockingly, Bannon has been granted a permanent seat on the National Security Council (NSC) at the expense of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence. Reports quickly emerged that Trump did not even know that the executive order he signed was promoting Bannon to such a position of influence. Bannon, who served on Trump’s campaign and transition team and is now Trump’s Chief Strategist, cunningly maneuvered himself into a place of power in a display of how little influence Trump has in his own White House. Bannon is in charge.

In light of this protestors have been writing to ‘President Bannon’ calling him out on his white supremacy, manipulative tactics, appallingly bad policies, and general wickedness using the hashtag #PostcardstoBannon

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Bannon will likely disregard all negative feedback – he seems intent on gaining personal power in order to enact his own schemes. However the movement will draw attention to his illegitimate influence in the government and will hopefully bruise Trump’s oversized fragile ego. We keenly await the responses from our two fraudulent presidents.

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