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These Hilarious Photoshops Show Trump For Exactly Who He Is

These Hilarious Photoshops Show Trump For Exactly Who He Is

An as yet unidentified artist on the internet has just combined Donald Trump’s idiotic faces with his childish behavior into the funniest pictures of Trump we have ever seen. Trump has become internet famous since his presidential campaign for his goofy expressions which consist primarily of smirks and pursed lips.

Trump’s behavior in office can succinctly be described as less than what we would expect from an adult. He spends his time lashing out on Twitter whenever someone insults or mocks him, and decries anything he doesn’t want to hear as “fake news.”

The Washington Post published an entire column about the ways in which Trump’s behavior resembles that of a two-year-old.“It is clear by now that the leader of the free world has the emotional maturity of a 2-year-old who kicks, punches and holds his breath when he can’t have ice cream,” wrote Eugene Robinson. We couldn’t agree more.

Behold, your president:

As of yet it is unclear who made these pictures. Please let us know if anyone finds the original artist.

We love these pictures of Trump as a baby in the Oval Office. It is a nice bit of comic relief in a political landscape marred with ignorant policy makers, corruption, white nationalism, anti-environmentalism, and fascist tendencies.

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