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Betsy DeVos Joked About Her First Day Of Work. Twitter’s Response is PERFECT

Betsy DeVos Joked About Her First Day Of Work. Twitter’s Response is PERFECT

Controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos started her new job today. The billionaire philanthropist and Republican donor’s appointment was confirmed two days ago in a very tight vote that included 24 hours of protest from Democrats inside and outside the Capitol. The deciding ballot being cast by Vice President Mike Pence, something that has never happened before in U.S. political history.

Democrats tried to stop DeVos becoming Education Secretary for a number of reasons. She does not have the adequate experience to take on such a role, and wants to get rid of gun free zones around schools, arm teachers and remove restrictions on federal funding laws, potentially leading to federally-funded, for-profit private schools. The reasoning behind this is that parents in poorer areas should have the option to choose which school their children go to, however often these places can only choose poorly funded public schools, especially in Rural areas where Trump found a lot of his support. They will see very limited benefit from this misguided agenda.

Today DeVos or one of her staff tweeted this image of her and a simple question:


In true Twitter fashion she got plenty of answers, some of which will make her wish she’d just kept quiet. Users called her out for trying to make a tongue in cheek joke about her own incompetence, when her real incompetence is astounding and no laughing matter.

DeVos has a rough term ahead of her, not least because the country is waking up to the threat to education that she is.

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